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[REFLECTIONS] 10 Classroom Tips You Should Consider But Never Do As A New Teacher

As a new teacher, you're probably a keen bean when it comes to coming up with awesome ideas for classroom setup and teaching resources in the holidays leading up to your big day. You're probably feeling a little inundated and overwhelmed by the impending moment when you walk into your empty classroom in need of … Continue reading

[REFLECTIONS] The first five weeks in your own little kingdom

A ruler’s first term in power is tough. Getting to an agreement between all your subjects and getting them all to behave and respect your authority through being stern and assertive is extremely tiring. Your subjects begin to test your authority first with small rumblings in the streets below only to be followed by all … Continue reading

[REFLECTIONS] Eight Pieces of Always to Secure that Teaching Job

For all those graduating teachers out there that may feel a little hopeless by the state of the job market for teachers at the moment (I know I was, especially as a Primary teacher – here, here and here), it’s possible! You just need to get yourself out there, learn from your failures and keep on … Continue reading

[REFLECTIONS] How to approach your first unsuccessful interview

So on Monday morning I had my first interview for a permanent position at a school in Sydney’s outer Western Suburbs and unfortunately, was not successful. A great learning experience and hopefully better luck (and preparation) next time! I arrived a little early and sat in the waiting room for what seemed like an eternity. A few … Continue reading

[REFLECTIONS] Amazing Babes and starting a unit on Australia in the 1900’s

So I taught the first lesson of my unit of work on Australia in the 1900’s and will try to make an attempt to get students to perform more in depth historical inquiry (HT3-5) and think more about the importance of some of the events and struggles that shaped Australia (HT3-4). As I have the opportunity to teach … Continue reading

[REFLECTIONS] Inquiry Based Approach to Maths

That’s three weeks down and six more to go for our internship – and definitely the fastest three weeks in a long while. It has been smooth sailing so far with only a few lessons that have failed miserably. I guess that could also mean I’m not trying hard enough to put new ideas to practice … Continue reading

[ACTION RESEARCH] How do I improve the quality of student questioning?

It’s week two of the internship and I’m having a blast teaching the kids and seeing them enjoy their learning. On the flip-side, I’ve also just had one of those days where I visualise myself ripping out my hair, internalising my frustration and asking myself – WHY DON’T THEY UNDERSTAND WHAT I’M TEACHING?! I keep telling myself … Continue reading

NSW DEC Interview – Some hints and tips from the Front Line

After a week of careful planning for the NSW DEC Graduate Recruitment Program Interview and 30 minutes later, it’s over. An email stating that you’re ‘suitable for employment’ as a teacher is all there is show of that relieving moment when you realise you’re almost at that point where career meets passion (on the condition I don’t fail miserably at … Continue reading

[WANDERLUST] Love falls like the first change of the red maple leaf

My last trip was a pretty amazing mix of crazy, lazy and hazy as I travelled to Asia with my best friend and returned as a loving couple. That’s right – I’m dating my best friend [awkward drumroll]. Ended up spending two weeks in Hong Kong and two weeks in Japan (my first trip to … Continue reading

[ACTION RESEARCH] Draft Idea #1 – Quality Questioning and student voice

Thinking back to professional experience last term, one of my first observations was the structure and quality of questioning by students and in turn, how it impacted student voice in the classroom (especially given this was an open classroom of approximately 90 students). This has led to my first draft focus question for my Action Research Project to … Continue reading