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As a corporate who decided to make the switch into education in 2013, I’ve realised that teaching is more or less a journey of continuous learning and that the ability to constantly take in knowledge is as important as imparting it. Teaching is about inspiring young learners through the want to learn new things in an age where teachers are no longer the bearers of wisdom and content knowledge. My rule of thumb is to always take the road less travelled and to not be afraid to try new things.

I believe in creating a high expectations environment for my students so that they can thrive in their own passions and areas of strength. To do this, I try to implement pedagogy and activities that are both explicit in the teaching to meet the needs of my students and open ended in expected responses so that students can extend themselves in their learning. I strive to give students a greater purpose to their learning and foster creative and critical thinking through providing a range of outlets for students to share and reflect on their learning. I believe that minds all learn in different ways, so providing a range of experiences to students is the best way for them to comprehend what is being taught. I believe education should move away from prescriptive learning to supporting learning needs and enhancing individual talent.

I’m interested in all things digital, with a particular interest in the transformation of education in the 21st Century and the integration of digital technologies to enhance educational practices. With a background in IT and Finance, I bring a broad range of ideas, skills and opinions into understanding how children can develop the skills and attitudes to thrive as future leaders in society. But I still find the best way to learn is to let the kids teach me. I am always willing to try new and proven teaching pedagogy to enhance the learning experience for my students in a way that both meets the needs of the curriculum and as something that provides motivation to my students.

Coming from a migrant family that spans across the Asia Pacific and South East Asia, I also have a passion for bridging the cultural gap in our society through enhancing cultural awareness and understanding in a place that sets the foundations of our community, that is, at school. Growing up as a minority group in a predominantly Western culture and climbing the corporate ladder in large corporations has provided me with the exposure to the unconscious cultural bias and stereotypes that exist in many areas of society, which I believe stems from cultural barriers and a lack of cultural awareness taught to those at a young age. I try to provide students with the opportunity to explore different perspectives on ethical, environmental and cultural issues that face society and understand the impact our actions have on our future and its sustainability as active global citizens.

I have a Master of Teaching (Primary) and am currently working as a Year 4 teacher in a lovely public school in South West Sydney. I also co-ordinate Robotics activities across K-6 using Lego EV3, Edisonbots, Ozobots and Beebots including coaching our school's F.I.R.S.T Lego League team.

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Made it a must to check out your blog! Some amazing reflections and thoughts to consider for every reader 🙂

    Posted by Vivian T | August 5, 2014, 11:48 pm
  2. Great teaching blog! Love it!

    Posted by Linda | March 12, 2015, 6:05 pm

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