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[ACTION RESEARCH] Draft Idea #1 – Quality Questioning and student voice

Thinking back to professional experience last term, one of my first observations was the structure and quality of questioning by students and in turn, how it impacted student voice in the classroom (especially given this was an open classroom of approximately 90 students). This has led to my first draft focus question for my Action Research Project to be completed during the Internship. Given I have a little less than a term to complete this (including the write up of an 8,000 word report), I wanted to keep the focus simple and manageable, yet have the greatest impact on the student needs in this specific class.

Focus Question:  Does providing explicit quality criteria for structuring questioning lead to increased student inquiry and quality of understanding in a Year 5/6 classroom?

The first variable to be measured would be student inquiry which would be measured by the increase/decrease in number of students asking questions compared to base-line data. The second variable is quality of student understanding which will be measured by the quality of their inquiry based on a defined rubric and the quality of their discussion and work samples when compared to the base-line data.

Thanks to Mr. Craig Kemp’s post about his Action Research on quality questioning which got me thinking further down this path.

How could I improve on this idea?

This is my very first Action Research Project and most definitely not my last given it’s the perfect way to make little changes that can be proven (like actually quantitatively/qualitatively proven through data and statistics and all…) to improve my teaching practices. I will update on how this progresses! Hopefully regularly – not 12 weeks and 8,000 words later.



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