[REFLECTIONS] The Charles Darwin Effect

Teaching is a little like natural selection. You can plan a lesson or a sequence of work all night for as long as your body can cope with the hits of caffeine but, in the end, it’s all about how well you can adapt and survive when thrown into an ever changing environment that is the classroom. It’s about how well you can change your repertoire of teaching, behaviour management and classroom strategies to allow learning to thrive as little creatures sprout up from the floor in a cacophony of shuffling and chatter. It’s about increasing your fitness level to a height above them all in a battle of the survival of the fittest dealing with a range of student ability, except replace fitness with expectation.

Anyways, it’s Day 2 of professional experience and we’re getting into the routine and getting to know the 90 kids in the class (slowly). We’ve definitely learnt a lot about differentiating through grouping students but then also providing them the opportunity to learn as a class at different times throughout the day (one of the arguments against ability grouping as we’ve heard is a no-no many times over in Maths lectures). I’m also getting used to the 8am start and 1:15pm finish which is a major bonus in my opinion.

Day 2 of professional experience also happens to coincide to Day 2 of Live Below the Line. My tummy is just a little bit angry at me for feeding it CHAM (the packet says it’s Chicken and Ham Meat but who really knows). Have a look here for more details: 

I had one of the Year 5 students come up to me today before I’ve had an opportunity to teach a lesson and say “Excuse me Mr. Quan, are you taking us for the whole year? I wish you took us for the whole year”. These are the moments that give me the motivation and passion to continue pursuing this new career as a teacher and live out this childhood aspiration.

We’ve also gone through our plan of attack for the next couple of weeks with the knowledge that the probability of the plan changing is at around… 1 (that’s MA3-19SP – ACMSP117 for you). And this is exactly what excites me about teaching. The fact that each day can be a new experience requiring you to think on your feet and experiment with changes to your plan or day that brings about another brand new experience.

Fingers crossed my first Literacy lesson tomorrow on the importance of planning a writing project goes completely NOT according to plan.

Mr. Quan



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